Judith Hofland

In Urban Scénos Port-au-Prince#1


Shape your Hood

Shape your Hood is a video-tour which guide you through a little piece of Bas peu de chose.

I show you a spot which you saw before, but where you see a different way.

A different world, small and big next to reality. A place which you can change.

This world is always there, near by in your hood.

Judith Hofland makes interactive video tours on festivals in Europe.

In Haiti she finds out if people react and act differently, when she confronts

you with your way.

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artiste nouveaux-médias / new media artist

Pays-Bas / Nederland

In 2005 I graduated Theatre Design at the HKU (School of Art, Utrecht). During my studies I was already experimenting with the use of video in the theatrical space and the theatrical experience outside the conventional room. I worked at ‘Scene uit een huwelijk’  with  scenograaf Jan Versweyveld and did camera for ‘Opening night’ from Toneelgroep  Amsterdam which showed me a lot of the world.

From that moment I developed my self as video designer next to scenograaf. I worked with Noel fischer at Bonte Hond/ Nt Jong and as video designer with Johan Doesburg at Nationaal Toneel at ‘Strange Interlude and ‘Genesis” which is selected for the Dutch Theater Festival 2015.

Next to this I developed my own videotours from 2008 for Oerol and Over het IJ festival. (dutch festivals).  In 2013 I joint Insitu with my project ‘Like Me’ a videotour about online and offline meeting people. In which every spectator is approached individually on a tour walking thru reality. This we’ve showed on different In situ festivals in Europe in 2014 & 2015.