Pauline Squelbut

In Urban Scénos Johannesburg

Pauline Squelbut created « Attempt to an archipelago« , a ‘creative island’ on the roof of the North block of the Drill Hall. Geared towards interactions with residents in the surrounding high-rise buildings, Squelbut devised a number of actions in her demarcated island (marked by a blue circle painted on the roof). These actions included collaboration with artist Pathy Tshindele on a large scale painting that was informed by the architecture of the surrounds. 


Attempt to an archipelago


This project deals with the idea of stage and playground.
These idea are linked to the singular space of the Drill Hall’s roof top.
It is a stage, it ever has an audience set in the 360 degre all around it.
The buildings of the environnement also have rooftops which are kind of islands, islands of each community formed by the people living there,
which most of the time don ‘t know the people of the other buildings.
I went there and met some people, and tried to create a link even if i know they don ‘t expect anything of me.
This is a work in process. A meeting every evening at 6.30 pm on each roof top, and  i try to create interaction between what happens on stage and them.
This kind of SKYNETWORK might be shared by the people living around the drill hall.
To create this exchange i will use words  as letter hung as clothes on others roof tops.
The theme of the ISLAND is used as an image full of meanings
and also as a base for the communication.



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questions to the people let in the entry of the buildings, and supposed to be discussed on the rooftop at the meeting of 6.30 pm:

What about the Drill Hall as an island?
What about the island you dream of?
What is the flag of your island?
How does your island look like?
How can wee communicate from an island to another?

Photomontage : Pauline Squelbut


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