Hany el Gowely

l’objet: greetings from Cairo
la date: Sat, 04 Sep 2004 06:38:07 +0000
De: « Hany el-Gowily »
à: kimjimnah@yahoo.com, pathytshindele@yahoo.fr,
suewill@iafrica.com, yamguen@yahoo.fr, herveyoumbi@yahoo.fr
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antoinedagata@hotmail.com, f.duconseille@cegetel.netDear Friends,I am sending you all my best wishes of happiness and success as I am
looking forward to spend a great time together at El-Max starting next week
I hope that this would be a fruitful chance to comunicate face to face and
to start a life time friendship that would help us to share and converse all
over Life, work, and art…..

Please have all my warm feelings and untill we meet very soon , I wish you
all the best of life !


99, Ramses st., Down Town,
11111, Cairo, Egypt
phone/fax : +2 02 574 22 11
Mobile : +2 010 60 40 862