Donna Kukama

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Donna Kukama was born in 1981 in Mafikeng, South Africa. In 2008 she completed her Master of Arts in the Public Sphere at Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais, Sierre, Switzerland.

She uses performance as a medium of resistance against already established “ways of doing”, and also as a strategy for inserting a foreign “other” voice and presence into various territories of the public. Her work weaves  together dominant and marginal aspects of histories, and introduces a fragile and brief moment of “strangeness” in socio-political settings. These actions are intended as gestures of poetry with political intent, and hopefully destabilise conventional ways of looking at reality.

Donna Kukama produced a number of pieces which included video, sound and performances.

“My Piece of Gold »  was a performance piece in 3 shops at the Ster City shopping complex adjacent to the Drill Hall, which made use of sound (produced in collaboration with artists Senzo) and video (“the Silence of Protest”). The video documented a performance by Kukama during the official Hawkers March in Johannesburg in March. During the performance Kukama played the video on TVs in the shops. Her performance consisted of dropping coins, leaving a trail between the shops. The performance was repeated in slightly modified form at the Johannesburg Art Fair.


« My piece of gold » / Photos JcLanquetin

“Chicken Hollywood – We Stand By Our Leaders” is a collaboration with Linzi Lews and Lerato Bereng (edited by Breeze Yoko). The work uses fragments from Nollywood movies that were purchased in the area. The fragments were selected to construct the phrase ‘We Stand By Our Leaders’, a statement that is closely linked to the history of the Drill Hall and the Treason Trail (1956). The video was projected against the façade of the Ster City building on opening night and was also presented at the Johannesburg Art Fair.


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with Joseph Gaylard


In Urban Scénos St Denis 


Donna Kukama Afrique du Sud / South Africa

Art visuel et performance / Visual art and performance

Artiste multimédia qui travaille la performance, la vidéo et les installations sonores, Donna Kukama est enseignante à la Wits School of Art de Johannesburg. Titulaire depuis 2008 d’un MAPS (Master of Art in Public Sphère) de l’École Cantonale d’Art du Valais à Sierre, en Suisse, elle a participé à de nombreuses expositions collectives en Afrique du Sud et à l’étranger (Sénégal, États-Unis, Pays-Bas, Turquie, Suisse..).


Born in 1981 in Mafikeng, South Africa, Donna Kukama is a creative practitioner working in performance, video, and sound. She completed her postgraduate studies at the Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais in Sierre (Switzerland) in 2008 under MAPS (Master of Arts in the Public Sphere) and is currently a faculty member at the WITS University School of Arts in Johannesburg. Kukama has presented work in various group exhibitions, including My Joburg at the Maison Rouge and Staatliche Kunstsammlugen (2013), Connections at the Kunsthalle Luzern (2012), and On Screen: Global Intimacy at the Krannert Art Museum (2009) and Bermuda National Gallery (2011). She has participated and performed in various art fairs, including the Joburg Art Fair in 2009, 2012, and 2013, Art Miami 2009, and ARCO Madrid 2010. Her performance-based work was presented in the Biennale de Lyon as well the Venice Biennale (under the SA Pavilion) in 2013. Award nominations include the MTN New Contemporaries Award (2010), the Ernst Schering Award (2011), and the Visible Award (2011). She is the recipient of the 2014 Standard Bank Young Artist Award for performance art. Kukama is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.